QR-W100S Walkera QR W100S Wi-Fi Quadcopter with FPV Camera


QR-W100S Walkera QR W100S Wi-Fi Quadcopter with FPV Camera

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The Walkera W100S features a Wi-Fi chip set, allowing you to control it directly with your iPhone, iPad; no need to mess with internet or router settings, simply turn on your Wi-Fi, click on the drone's name and open the 'WK-Remote' app. You’ll instantly gain control of the drone and get live video feed; you can even start or stop recording and take still images! Walkera QR 100S Features:: Control range remained unchanged at 80 meters, relatively far considering its size. Overall, the flight is stable without any disengagement. The controls are very smooth and sensitive Real-time first person view (FPV) flying seen via the iPhone or iPad QR W100S has 6 Axis Gyro, in other words an enhanced control system 30W pixel HD camera included Watch videos in real time The QR W100S has enhanced stability when compared to the original QR W100, due to its upgraded ratio gear structure Rotor blades are individually detachable. If you break one, simply replace it without needing to change all blades. With 10 minutes of flight time, flying the QR W100S is truly exhilarating. Unlike other flights where you have to worry about flight time, you really can take it easy on this one and have fun with live scenery streaming The QR W100S comes with a gravity sensor which can be activated for improved controls and flight stability. This is usually activated when flying with the smart phone Enhanced ratio gear structure with upgraded motor Videos can be shared on your friend’s iPhones or iPads Spec Check: Size: 144mm x 144mm Receiver: RX2646H-D (for iPhone/iPad) Battery: 3.7V 600Mah LiPo Height: 44mm Wi-Fi Range: around 80m (depends on your Wi-Fi signal) Flight time: 6-7min PLEASE NOTE: This model is not supplied with a transmitter. To fly, simply download the app from the iTunes store.
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