Power Supply 13.8v 30A 415W TwinOut


Power Supply 13.8v 30A 415W TwinOut

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Ideal to power battery chargers & Tyre Warmers as long as you have 240 volt power available The flexible, dual-output, 13.8v, 415W power supply is a high quality switch mode power supply with a smooth output current, making it suitable for use with almost all DC input chargers on the market. The dual, 4mm outputs also have screw-clamp outputs, allowing flexibility in the way that external units like chargers are connected. With a useful 30A and 415W of power output, this power supply can be used as a stable source of DC output that is suitable for chargers or even testing smaller motors when the ESC is direct connected. By having a stable current, it is easier to understand motor performance when varying propellers etc.

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