KO30204 KO Propo BSx2 Power Servo High Torque High Speed

KO30204 KO Propo BSx2 Power Servo High Torque High Speed

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KO30204 - Servo - BSx2 Power - .15 - 21Kg

Servo - BSx2 Power - .15 - 21Kg



Current servos have the appearance of high speed and high power from the response of 2.4GHz and the power from Li-po batteries respectively. This creates a huge demand upon the servo. The BSx2 is the Blushless servo with the durability and operability to employ this high-spec demand.


The middle case is machined from one piece of aluminum that incorporates the gear pins and motor being held properly in place. The top case rigidity has been improved with the addition of two screws in the middle to prevent flex and keep the gears properly aligned. The upper Hard Case (H.C) is also machined from aluminum. H.C is the distinction of durability for categories that demand high stress.

2:Blushless Motor

A servo motor is a very important part of a servo. The specification of a servo is up to the motor being used. We have developed a new Brushless motor suitable for the new R/C standard with numerous performance and stress tests.


The gears are made with a special Japanese aluminum. This gear is 45% lighter than brass and has the same hardness as steel. The ‘Light Weight’ design provides a clean response for driving and reduces the burden on the servo motor. The thorough quality control of the manufactured gears ensures the least amount of backlash possible for smooth action. And Power and Pawer HC use Special Stainless Gear. It is very strong and useful for off load category.


Speed :0.12s@60°(7.4V)/0.15s@60°(6.0V)
Torque :26.0kg-cm(7.4V)/21.0kg-cm(6.0V)
Size :41 x 38 x 20 mm
Weight : 63.5 g
Metal Gears
Dual Bearings


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