51101101 Lightscale F1 Body Shell Silhouette Race RS-5 1,0mm, set


51101101 Lightscale F1 Body Shell Silhouette Race RS-5 1,0mm, set

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Unpainted 1mm thick F1 body shell made from Chrystal clear lexan, with fitting for RS-5 F1 model cars. 2012 Version without flue. Depending on the paintjob the total weight of this 1mm version is just 300gram in total which gives an advantage of about 180gram compared to the 1,5mm version. 

Lightscale Silhouette comes pre cutted and is “Made in Germany” from high quality Lexan using a CNC shaped mould. 
The body shell is produced in two sections which are the main body and the front nose, which is available as a spare. 
The Body shell is matches international federation’s rules. It is 100% EFRA legal and as well legal for national racing which follows EFRA rules. Furthermore it is legal to be used in FG Cup races. 
Lightscales`Silhouette combines modern F1 Design with new features and harmonic molding. It has been completely designed by using state of the art 3D CAD/CAM software and lifts large scale F1 racing to the next level of performance and design. 

Bunch molded side boxes with undercut, shark gills and extremely large dimensioned air intakes to the front of the side boxes supply perfect engine cooling as well as outstanding and realistic look and aerodynamic characteristics. The extra large air intake section offers space for new and better air boxes which can be more powerful and less noisy in one go. 

Lightscale Silhouette is compatible with all common used air boxes and pipes such as R-Power, Mielke and Samba 5. FG´s Airbox will fit, no matter which isolator is being used. 

The driver’s helmet is designed to be used with an opened vizor to directly supply extra cooling to the carburetor. 
The front part of the body shell is little wider than commonly known to give extra space for servos and their horns. The high drawn nose adds the „Look and Feel“of modern F1 racing cars. 
Lighscale Silhouette is supplied with the main body part, the front nose and all screws and nuts which are necessary.
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