50835400 Lightscale Droop Gauge by Lightscale for Touring car and F1 cars, 1 pce.


50835400 Lightscale Droop Gauge by Lightscale for Touring car and F1 cars, 1 pce.

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Lightscales` anodized black coloured Droop Gauge helps you to correctly measure the distance from axle to ground (ground clearance). It works for both Touring Car as well as for F1 Cars and uses a measurement differential of 54-62mm and 69 to 83mm which covers the various ground clearances prevalent in all popular cars like FG, RS-5, H.A.R.M., Genius or Contrast. Additionally the Gauge offers the possibility to quickly measure the height of push rod roll bars which are commonly used in F1 cars. The advantage compared to a measurement with any slide gauge is that the Lightscale Droop Gauge takes the measurement from the bottom of the axle and therefore is more precise in quick and easy check and adjustment of factory recommended data. The diversity of Lightscales` Droop Gauge makes it an indispensable tool for correctly setting up your car?s ride height. To correctly do this measurement, the car is to be supported on a 3 point droop gauge support block ( available from Lightscale and other manufacturers ). The factory recommended data can then be checked quickly and readjusted properly where necessary. It is important to remember to deduct 8mm (thickness of the axle) from the original data as now the measurement is done from the bottom of the axle and no longer from the top. For RS-5 Cars we recommend the use of Item 97005 for F1 Cars or Item 97007 for Touring Cars. All other Cars like FG; H.A.R.M.; Genius or Contrast can make use of the Lighscale Droop Gauge Support 5035311 and 5035321"

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