50035011 Support Block Front For Lightscale Droop Gauge


50035011 Support Block Front For Lightscale Droop Gauge

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This is an Alloy Support Block anodized in black colour with 30mm and 35mm height. The Support Block is manufactured as a rectangle and so can used as a 30mm as well as a 35mm, depending on which side you choose. The front block uses a single point of support while the rear one comes with two of those. Due to this 3 point support it is assured that even a little tweak in your chassis (none of them is 100% straight) will not affect the result of your measurement. Remove the wheels and tyres from your car and put the car onto the support blocks. Ideally the rear block is positioned to the back of car and the front one just where the servo saver is fixed to the chassis. The car is now propped on the support blocks safely and cannot bounce. Please make sure that no dirt or rubber is trapped between the Support blocks and the chassis. Now you can easily and correctly measure the droop of each axle and adjust the cars` tweak. To do so please use the Lightscale Droop Gauge (50835400) The use of Lightscales` Droop Gauge Support Blocks prevents incorrect measurements and therefore is absolutely reliable. Measurements which are done using a flat surface where the chassis is resting on, like you would use in the pits are usually incorrect due to a slightly tweaked chassis because dirt underneath the chassis will falsify the measurement and lead to a irregular setup. The use of Support Blocks which are based on 4 support points will result in the same incorrect results and downgrade the performance of your car which is why we 100% recommend the use of our support block because as racers ourselves we know all about the problems you may face.

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