Contrast Adjustable Race Clutch Kit


Contrast Adjustable Race Clutch Kit

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A racing car has to use an adjustable clutch and the Contrast Neo offers it to you as standard without any additional cost. • We have made a simple but powerful clutch with two or four big easily adjustable shoes made by composed material by means of just one nut. • You can optionally include two additional brake shoes and become it a four brake shoes clutch and aggressive working. • The last evolution of this clutch, included in the Neo2, is a new antifriction covering that facilitates the shoes’ movement, especially in hard hot and grasp conditions. • This clutch is also lighter than the ones found in the market, favouring engine’s acceleration and retention. • Moreover, as an optional kit, we present to you a revolutionary “double action” system which, by means of two pairs of different shoes, allows to have a two phases road-holding: a first slippery phase which allows you to open the throttle in the middle of a bend obtaining a soft initial acceleration, to enter immediately in the “grip” phase when open the second pair of shoes and the clutch acts with all its strength when it goes out the bend. • The numerous possible combinations- harder springs, two or four shoes, double action system- will allow you to configure the clutch in a quick and simple way in any track or condition. • This revolutionary clutch is also available to use in any 1:5 car brand and Formula 1 large scale.

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