FG 10000 Sportsline F1, Formula 1 Model Car 26cc RTR


FG 10000 Sportsline F1, Formula 1 Model Car 26cc RTR

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Formula 1 Sportsline 2WD/RTR, clear body Item N°. 10000R One of the most beautiful and interesting models in the FG range is undoubtedly the Formula 1 model. Technical exciting with double delta wishbones, pushrods, horizontal shock absorbers and a lot more technical details. Furthermore the Formula 1 models are very easy to control compared to the 1:5 Touring models. They have a very well-balanced driving performance and therefore they can be recommended for all beginners. The model is equipped with a 26ccm engine and reaches a final speed of almost 100 kilometres per hour. We deliver the Formula 1 Sportsline model as RTR version completely mounted with clear bodyshell, radio-control system, mounted servos, batteries and charger. A decal set with writings for additional decoration is included in the delivery. The delivery contents: 5mm alloy chassis with double wishbones at front and rear axle, 26ccm combustion engine with air filter, Tuning pipe, differential gear, complete gearwheel drive, FG ball drive, all rotating parts supported by ball bearings, 4 oil-pressure shock absorbers, front disk brake, rear gear brake, front and rear
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