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Today we are engaged in the production of small tyres, in the modeling and motorcycle industry. We boast many victories at international level in all categories, thanks to a product developed from experience, continuous research, investments and a lot of passion.
Today PMT is recognized as the industry leader, with a distribution of its products on five continents and a loyal customer base that makes us extremely proud. Thanks to our know-how and attention to quality, we are called to collaborate with leading companies and universities in the implementation of forefront projects related to tires and technical articles in rubber.


PMT Tyres Tomorrow

The successes obtained, the goals achieved and the growing number of our customers are the stimulus for a continued growth and research. The development of new materials, new products and new solutions represent an ongoing challenge for us, projecting us over the final result. The performance and quality are our field of competition, and how you we do not settle for second place! Our motto is Winning! ...Winning forever!

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PMT Eagle 300 Full Treaded Wet Race Tyre Fits All 1/5th Touring Cars

Product no.: Eagle 300

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