Genius Story

Genius Story

Genius Story

Zeno, patron of Modeltek and Genius-Racing.

After years of designing he transformed his passion into a great job. And in the work it takes the soul.

He founded the company in 2002, beginning the marketing of products intended for private modeling.

In 2005, through a partnership with Lorenzo Danieli that builds the first Genius, he begins the adventure of Modeltek. Before long the project takes shape and comes the Genius G006, that through the experience of Gianfranco Bevel achieves excellent results in the demonstrations nationwide.

Meanwhile, the project evolves improving the performance of the model car: 2008 Nicola Costantantino Brown takes us on the podium of the national championship on the track carrying the G008, with a completely new chassis.

The overall victory was not long, in fact in 2009 the same driver won first place in the Italian league.

In 2009 the brothers Arnaldi enter the team, thanks to their many years of experience writing a new chapter for the company. Is designed and built the Genius XR on specific requests of the French duo Arnaldi: the model car so made has high technical quality, so as to bring the team to get a lot of international victories in the 2010 season.

As a result of these successes and the increase in requests, the Modeltek was equipped with a precision mechanical workshop for the manufacture of parts of micromechanics in special alloys and carbon.

Today the company creates, for the best brands of cars, in particular drawing on their specific sectors as well as special dental and automation.

Modeltek following years the world of competitive category 1/5, oganizzando international events and participating, with your team and the team of assistance, the most important events in the world.